Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning is a better version of America’s best-selling truck

San Antonio, TX CNN Business — The Ford F-150 Lightning may be the best pickup truck the company has ever made. All it took was making it completely electric, something that, not long ago, might have seemed off-brand for a traditional truck company like Ford. Newer automakers have so far led the way on electric … Read more

This California desert could hold the key to powering all of America’s electric cars

CNN Business — The Salton Sea Basin feels almost alien. It lies where two enormous chunks of the Earth’s crust, the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate, are very slowly pushing past one another creating an enormous low spot in the land. It’s a big, flat gray desert ringed with high mountains that look … Read more

As EVs catch fire, insurance firms face pricing risk, BFSI News, ET BFSI

The woes of the electric vehicle owners who have been suffering after their vehicles caught fire may not be over as they may not get insurance claims for it. While a third-party insurance policy does not cover fire damages, the comprehensive policies do cover fire claims but that is not guaranteed. A comprehensive motor insurance … Read more