Planning to travel? Here’s why you need to insure your next trip

martin dm | E+ | Getty Images When Covid-19 hit early last year and most travel ground to halt worldwide, would-be vacationers scrambled to get refunds from hotels, airlines, cruise lines and other travel suppliers — or to file travel insurance claims for canceled trips. They often hit a wall on both fronts. Suppliers struggled, … Read more

Potential Roe v. Wade decision highlights wide variation in

Potential Roe v.  Wade decision highlights wide variation in

Minneapolis, MN, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Minneapolis, MN – With the spotlight on Roe v. Wade and abortion access, released information today highlighting the wide variation in how states regulate health insurance coverage of abortion and how federal policy has impacted abortion rates. Louise Norris, a licensed broker and analyst at, … Read more

Plum appoints Jayanth Ganapathy as Director, Healthcare

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Plum, an employee health insurance platform, announced on Thursday that it has appointed Jayanth Ganapathy as Director, Healthcare. According to the company’s press statement, Jayanth will work towards creating a countrywide hyperlocal healthcare network that is easily accessible to Plum’s customers. “Jayanth has a strong understanding of driving healthcare operations having earlier led telemedicine and … Read more

How can travel insurance protect you during an emergency?

Photo: iStock KEY HIGHLIGHTS your travel insurance plan should cover medical expenses incurred abroad due to hospitalization due to illness, sickness or disease. A host of other benefits, including Personal Accident, Loss of Passport, trip cancellation/delay, delay of checked baggage, Home Burglary Insurance and others, are also offered. Worldwide protection, easy claims settlement, single/multi-trip and … Read more

Going abroad? Your destination may require travel insurance

Chile requires visitors to furnish proof of insurance coverage for Covid-19 and related conditions. Pictured, capital city Santiago. Oleh_Slobodeniuk | E+ | Getty Images Are you planning a trip abroad? You may need to buy travel insurance to visit your destination country. Many countries had insurance requirements even before the pandemic. But about a dozen … Read more

How to make an informed choice when it comes to your health insurance

How to make an informed choice when it comes to your health insurance

Since the health industry is always evolving, making the right choice when it comes to your health insurance can be difficult. Do you know where to turn, or how to make a decision that best benefits your personal circumstances? Let’s discuss some of the basics when it comes to health plans, and then we’ll dive … Read more

Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment

Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment

Sponsored: If you’ve ever selected an insurance plan for you or your family, you’ve probably heard the terms “open enrollment” and “special enrollment.” But what do they mean? Here are some answers to your questions. (U of U Health Plans) | Everyone Is Welcome. | May 17, 2022, 6:00 am If you’ve ever selected an … Read more

Four advantages of opting for a multi-year health insurance plan

Four advantages of opting for a multi-year health insurance plan

Health insurance has always been the neglected child in most households. The optimism bias, especially among Indians, is usually high and many believe nothing bad will ever happen to them or their loved ones. However, things changed when Covid-19 came knocking on our doors two years back. The pandemic shattered our bias as we saw … Read more

PNB MetLife launches India’s first dental health insurance plan

Opting for EMI on health insurance premiums? You may end up paying more

Private insurer PNB MetLife India Insurance Co on Monday launched a dental health insurance plan. This is the first insurance plan in India that covers fixed-benefit outpatient expenses and provides financial assistance with costs related to overall dental health, the company said in a statement. This launch reinforces PNB … Read more

Things Millennials Should Know While Buying Health Insurance

Generally, many buyers in their 30s or early 40s struggle to arrive at a decision on buying the right health insurance policy. Their problem stems from a range of confusing options on offer: from the sum insured, rider options to even policy pricing

Type of policy The first and foremost thing to decide is whether to enroll in a family floater plan or an individual policy. Buyers with families must decide whether to cover all members under individual health policies or a common family floater plan. Rakesh Goyal, director, Probus Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd., says, “While buying health … Read more