Compare Homeowners Insurance Quotes | 2022

If you own a house or are buying one, you’ll want to get home insurance quotes to discover prices for protecting your house and your personal property inside it. As the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explains, your lender will likely require insurance if you have a mortgage. Different plans vary on what the insurer will … Read more

Lighthouse Insurance liquidation leaves customers in the lurch

TAMPA, Fla. — Homeowners who are insured through Lighthouse Properties are scrambling to find coverage. Court documents showed the Louisiana-based company was placed into receivership on April 5th and was signed off to be liquidated on April 28th. Julieanne Schmidt is one of the policyholders from Lighthouse. She has been through the wringer trying to … Read more

Progressive partners with Volly | Digital Insurance

Progressive Insurance has partnered with Volly, an industry provider of service technologies and marketing for banks and mortgage lenders. The partnership allows for the new integration of a more efficient, effective digital mortgage process for both lenders and borrowers through Volly’s Lending Solutions platform. Digital Insurance reached out to Progressive to discuss the partnership but … Read more

Homeowners insurance premiums through the roof for many Floridians

TAMPA, Fla. — Elizabeth Roache of Hudson paid her homeowners insurance of $800 a year for a decade before she saw what many Floridians have seen, homeowners insurance premiums on the rise. Starting in 2020, Roache saw her yearly premium jump to $1,100 and then to $1,500 in 2021. “We were just like what’s going … Read more

Ahead of summer storms, check homeowners policy for weather coverage

Win McNamee | Getty Images As spring warmth takes hold, homeowners may want to make sure they’re prepared for the severe weather that will likely soon follow. That preparation should include checking your insurance coverage. Whether you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornados, flooding, hail, wildfires or severe storms — all of which … Read more