Is the worst finally over for the market? Stocks stage a comeback

The Dow was up slightly in late afternoon trading, recovering from a drop of nearly 475 points earlier in the session. The blue chips are still down 13% this year, however, and hit a new 52-week low Thursday morning before rebounding. The S&P 500, which is perilously close to dropping 20% ​​from the all-time high … Read more

As Natural Disaster Season Ramps Up, Here’s How to Decide Between Replacement and Cash Value Homeowners Insurance

stevecoleimages/Getty Images Home insurance protects what’s typically the biggest investment you’ll ever make: your house. In the event of a fire or natural disaster, this investment can disappear in a matter of minutes. You need to have a cash value or replacement cost value home insurance plan in place to recover or rebuild. Discover: 9 … Read more

US Treasury says it could block Russian debt payments starting next week

Speaking at a press conference in Germany, Yellen said it is “reasonably likely” to expect the license will be allowed to expire on May 25. “There has not been a final decision on that. But I think it’s unlikely [the carve-out] would continue,” Yellen said. Although the United States and other Western governments have frozen … Read more

Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

The retail giant reported a stunning 52% drop in profit for the first quarter, badly missing Wall Street’s forecasts. The company blamed higher expenses due to continued supply chain disruptions. Consumers also are holding back on nonessential purchases because of rampant inflation. Shares of Target (TGT) plunged 25% in early trading on the news Wednesday, … Read more

How a smart home can get you a discount on homeowners insurance

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet. A smart thermostat can turn up the heat in your home before you roll out of bed. A smart speaker can play your favorite podcasts with a voice command. A smart lightbulb can be turned on or off from across the room. But smart-home devices aren’t just … Read more

JetBlue launches hostile takeover for Spirit

Now, JetBlue is appealing directly to Spirit’s shareholders, urging them to vote against the Frontier deal while launching its own all-cash offer of $30 per share. JetBlue said in a statement Monday that its offer represented a “60% premium to the value of the Frontier transaction.” The airline added that it was willing to negotiate … Read more

The cost of car insurance is going up too—here’s why

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet. The pandemic sparked a shift in the world of car insurance. Despite providing customers an estimated $16.4 billion in refunds, auto insurance profits increased as fewer Americans drove and the number of auto claims dropped. But the pandemic continues to shift the industry, and now an increase … Read more

Robinhood soars after 30-year old crypto billionaire takes stake

But there could be hope on the horizon. Bankman-Fried, who runs the startup FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Bahamas, said in the filing that he bought Robinhood shares because he believes they “represent an attractive investment.” He added that his stake is meant to be a passive investment and that he does “not … Read more

Opinion: This pre-retiree was just terminated at work — is it worth paying off the mortgage with the severance money?

Dear Ms. MoneyPeace: I have a question for you, and I would prefer a yes or no answer. When I am “terminated” later this year, I’ll have about $150,000 in cash between service-termination money and savings, and will owe around $70,000 on my house. Should I just go ahead and pay it off? It is … Read more