Retailers call out Visa and Mastercard for fee hikes that could make inflation worse

san francisco CNN Business — Consumers could soon see even higher prices at some stores, after credit card giants Visa and Mastercard raised their “swipe fees” – generating an additional cost that some retailers could be forced to pass on to their customers. Last month, the two credit card companies raised some of their interchange … Read more

Home insurance groups continue to drop Florida policies

TAMPA, Fla. — Home insurance rates are skyrocketing while insurance companies are leaving the state. FedNat is the latest insurance group to cancel more than 68,000 residential home insurance policies in Florida. They’re the ninth property insurance company to recently drop tens of thousands of Florida policies. “The Florida private insurance market is the most … Read more

Announcement expected in Tampa by Florida’s CFO

TAMPA, Fla. — Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis on Thursday announced five proposals targeting fraud that he will pursue for the Florida Legislature special session on insurance reform that begins May 23. The key legislative proposal would add three more anti-fraud homeowner insurance teams that will investigate and prosecute suspected cases. Two similar organizations … Read more