What you need to know before you buy travel insurance

TAMPA BAY — St. Petersburg retirees Alan and Jessica Kapell have traveled around the world for the last three decades. The avid cruisers say they never leave home without travel insurance. “We’ve never taken a cruise without having insurance because everything and anything can happen,” Alan told ABC Action News. And for 30 years they’ve … Read more

Lighthouse Insurance liquidation leaves customers in the lurch

TAMPA, Fla. — Homeowners who are insured through Lighthouse Properties are scrambling to find coverage. Court documents showed the Louisiana-based company was placed into receivership on April 5th and was signed off to be liquidated on April 28th. Julieanne Schmidt is one of the policyholders from Lighthouse. She has been through the wringer trying to … Read more

Home insurance groups continue to drop Florida policies

TAMPA, Fla. — Home insurance rates are skyrocketing while insurance companies are leaving the state. FedNat is the latest insurance group to cancel more than 68,000 residential home insurance policies in Florida. They’re the ninth property insurance company to recently drop tens of thousands of Florida policies. “The Florida private insurance market is the most … Read more